Google Dine

Google Dine

The ask: Design an experience where diners can submit positive comments and constructive suggestions for the wait staff, and servers can use this feedback to both improve and help to secure new employment.

The proposal: Google Dine is a dual service that allows customers to review and rate their experience with their servers. These reviews can then be viewed by wait staff to boost their performance, or support their resumes.

When: January 22 - 29, 15 hours Skills: User research, rapid prototyping, Sketch

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Waiters have no direct source to gage their performance other than their tip percentage, or sifting through numerous comments on review sites. Both resources are vague, and provide limiting critiques to improve their performances. In order to fully understand the stakeholders, a competitive analysis, contextual inquiries, and a card sorting activity were executed. Questions like these lead the research:

  • People grow up with different standards and beliefs. Therefore, service can be really subjective. How can waiters be categorized without closing them into a box?

  • Is it beneficial for waiters to know everything a diner was feeling?

  • Fake reviews is still a huge issue when it comes to online reviews, how do we overcome this?

  • Google currently has a way to review restaurants, should this new service of rating waiters be incorporated or separate?

Key Insights

A combination of overall rating, category rating, and open ended commenting is best in order to paint the full picture.

Waiters need to be able to view from a high level their performance, but also view individual reviews.

Attitude, awareness, knowledgable, and professional were traits that diners felt were necessary for waiters to be successful . Traits like kindness are a bonus.

User Goals

Diner: Review and rate their servers in a constructive and helpful way. Streamline the process of rating a specific person.

Server: View ratings from customers from a glance, and also high detail. Know how they're doing compared to other waiters in a motivating manner. View their progress over a period of time.

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Prototype - Diner

Hailey wants to leave a review for her server, John, at Luca Restaurant. Once she enters the date and time period she went, the waiters on their shift during that period appear. She easily finds John. Overall, the service was great - the waiter wasn't as attentive as she needed him to be. She rates him accordingly in the categories, and leaves a comment to explain her reasoning. Before submitting, she can review her entire rating.


Prototype - Waiter

John receives a notification from Google Dine that he has a new review. His new review from Hailey shows that he wasn't attentive. John wants a closer look into that review, so looks into his categories. He then goes to his overall ratings to see how it has affected his overall score.