The challenge: How can digital and physical mediums be merged together to enhance the learning environment and experience?

The proposal: Work Scan Send is a tool for creators to easily document their process on the white board. WSS allows documenting and collaboration fun and simple.

  • When: Spring 2016, 2 weeks
  • Skills: Research methods, rapid prototyping, storytelling, UX/UI


How can users conveniently and efficiently obtain their whiteboard notes?

The whiteboard is a valuable tool for brainstorming, collaborating, and sketching. Currently, there are limited ways to document our work. I wanted to know how people interact with the whiteboard and their habits. Through a small conducted survey, I found the most common way people documented their process was photographing through a smart mobile device. Users also noted they were unsatisfied with the process and results.



The focus on this project was the concept due to the 2 week time constraint. Despite that, I wanted to flesh out how users would interact with the application and physical products. After testing a concept with tape, I received feedback it was cumbersome and tedious. To move past this, I combined gestures with tactical feedback to allow for ease but also precision. 

Screen Shot 2018-01-01 at 11.01.12 PM.png

Re-Designed screens

After presenting the concept, I was able to/wanted to go back and re-visit the screens. (Hence why they are different in the video above.)

This flow shows how a user connecting to the physical device, then receiving a scan they have chosen, and sending the scan to their peer.


I loved being able to work on a problem related to learning. It was cool to understand potential of how an environment can influence the smallest interactions. For future steps, I'd like to go to user testing with the screens to even go further with them.