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Lois J Kim

I once asked my friend how he would describe me for a quote, he stated: "sucks at sports, good at design." 


Hey there, I'm Lois. I currently attend Carnegie Mellon University with a Products and Environments undergrad. I am also pursuing a double major in Human-Computer Interactions. I feel fortunate I was born in the millennial generation, because I was able to have a childhood without the crazy technology we have today. But as I grew a little bit taller and lost a few teeth, technology was growing exponentially. I look back at my life with warm memories of the days without personal laptops and smartphones, but couldn't imagine a life without what we have today. This lead to my passion for the digital and physical world, and creating the two harmonious. I feel both are important, and keeping the balance between the two results in a hybrid wonder. I strive to create with purpose, while maintaining aesthetically pleasing designs.

I am currently looking for an internship for the summer of 2016! I can be contacted at or 631 942 1129. 

(it’d be best if it didn’t require a soccer ball.)